Wood-Destroying Insects

Carpenter Ants and Termites are among the top categories of wood-boring and destroying insects. Their activity can cause serious damage to a home or structure. If the problem goes unnoticed for awhile, thousands of dollars would need to be spent in reparations. This is not a good thing for home owners trying to sell or purchase a home. An important tip to remember is to get a WDI-inspection report done by a certified and licensed professional. They can look for signs of an impending problem or see and give details observations on an issue that is already there. The process involves a thorough inspection of the house, especially the potentially damaged locations in and around the perimeter. For more info on the WDI inspection report, please visit this site: https://www.hud.gov/sites/documents/NPMA33.PDF.

How does an issue begin? A founding carpenter ant queen may start her colony in a building and the budding population may take several years to become a noticeable problem. The other primary means of structure occupation is when a mature colony takes up residence in a susceptible structure in a wooded area, which is usually adjacent to their existing nest. For more info visit: https://ecosystempest.wpenginepowered.com/pest-id/carpenter-ant/. And for termites, when termites go through molting, they lose the protozoa they need for digesting wood along with all of their hindgut contents. Since they need the protozoa to continue living through digestion of cellulose-based materials, they must feed from the hindgut of other members of the colony. In this way, they get a new supply of protozoa.  Several species exist in North America. Termites are insects that live, reproduce, and thrive in large colonies. The diet of a termite is entirely wood and cellulose material. Meaning, for a homeowner, even a single termite colony can do thousands of dollars of a damage in a year. For more info visit: https://ecosystempest.wpenginepowered.com/pest-id/subterranean-termites-pestid/.



  1. Wood beams and other wood structures in your home that sound hollow when tapped
  2. Swarms of flying ants, termites specifically have wings that break off.
  3. Mud tubes, roughly the thickness of a straw, that appear around your foundations and other structural areas.
  4. Cream-colored insects, roughly 1/8″ in size. Often found under rocks, mulch, or boards.
  5. Wood that can be broken with a sharp tool and only modest effort

What is Sentricon?

Sentricon is a first-in-class termite baiting system that delivers immediate and total results. The Sentricon system targets the source of the problem- the termite’s queen. Without a queen, the termite colony collapses and is unable to sustain itself-completely eliminating your termite issue. Once we have developed our individualized plan, we utilize cutting-edge Sentricon technology systems to eliminate your termite problems for good.

Are you concerned you have termites or carpenter ants in your home? Give us a call! With our knowledgeable staff (including a licensed entomologist), ready to assist in over the phone or in-person identification. 781-871-6477, info@ecopests.com, or just visit our webpage https://ecosystempest.wpenginepowered.com/ and click to call. 🙂


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