Carpenter Ant versus Termite


Carpenter Ant Reproductive Versus Termite Reproductive

The visual similarities between reproductive carpenter ants and reproductive termites can make it hard for a non-entomologist to identify what pest they have. For this reason, we have compiled a list of characteristics to help you distinguish between them. Notice the size difference of the ant to the termite. Actual size of a reproductive termite is about the size of a chocolate sprinkle that is put on ice cream.

Reproductive Carpenter Ant


Reproductive Termite

Reproductive Carpenter Ant
Reproductive Termite
  • Body with no wings 3/4″ long
  • Have 3 Distinct segments to their bodies
  • Fore wings are longer than hind wings
  • Antennae are elbowed
  • Narrow Waists
  • Winged ants show up in late Spring or early Summer
  • Body with no wings 1/4″ long
  • Don’t have clearly segmented bodies
  • Both pair of wings are same size
  • Antennae are straight Broad Waists
  • Winged termites show up in late Winter to early Spring

Why Worry About Termites and Carpenter Ants?

So, why should you worry about termites and carpenter ants? With carpenter ants you may only spot a Home Protection Plan Special Offerfew ants, but those ants come from a whole colony hard at work tunneling and creating nesting galleries just below the wood surfaces of your building. With termites they come from the ground and can get in to the sill and floor joists before you see any evidence of their existence. Normally termites are found during their spring swarming when the winged reproductives appear. In any event if the ants’ or termite activity remains neglected, severe structural damage is a likely consequence. Early treatment will preclude having to pay expensive fees to restore the structural integrity of a building at a later date.

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