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House Fly

Musca domestica


What are houseflies?

House flies are a well-known and common insect species. They are prevalent on farms and in homes. Their presence transmits disease and tries the patience of most people. House flies are small, two-winged insects. Their bodies are gray-colored and they have two velvety stripes, which are silver above and gold below. They measure approximately 1/4″-1/2″ long.


What is their Behavior and Habitat?

The typical house flies that cause problems are Fresh Flies, Blue Bottle Flies, and Green Bottle Flies. Fresh Flies feed on decaying carcass. It is important to find and remove the body if possible to eliminate a continued source of issue. It is paramount to note that fly infestations are commonly cause by decaying organic matter and removal is the quickest way to resolve a fly issue. Often times in a commercial setting, flies will continue to breed in trash sites regardless or best sanitation practices, at these times installation of permanent fly fixtures should be considered on going reduction and control.

What is the Biology of Pharaoh Ants?

Blue and Green Bottle Flies can be identified by the metallic sheen in their respective color. Their wings are translucent, and their bodies are dull gray. They have dark brown, almost black looking eyes.


What do they eat?

House flies feed on decaying matter, fecal matter, and trash. You will find them feasting around the garbage can if you leave it out or full too long.
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