CORONAVIRUS Update - Our community safety is our top priority

Eco Systems and our staff share your concerns for the safety and wellbeing of our families and our communities, as we work together to control and understand the full implications of the ongoing
COVID-19 situation. We are committed to the health of both our customers as well as our employees, and as such we have implemented numerous safety standards and protocols for our staff, as put forth
by the Center for Disease Control, federal and local health authorities. During this time of crisis, our goal is to continue the essential task of pest control and prevention, while taking every possible
safety precaution henceforth.

The steps you can expect our staff to employ are as follows:

  • Wearing disposable Protective Hand Coverings, which are disposed of after each service
  • Keeping personal space to at least 6 feet, meaning that we will forego signatures and ask that any payments to be made are by credit card (either spoken to your technician, or over the phone to our office)
  • Ongoing sanitization of contact surfaces in our offices and vehicles; your technician also carries sanitizer on their vehicle as a standard procedure at all times
  • Your technician is equipped with a respirator, and will utilize it at your request

We also understand that you may feel more comfortable if your technician does not enter your
residence or place of business at this time. We have procedures in place to manage outside services
in all of our service programs. Please notify our office if you prefer to forego interior service
in your account (temporarily or otherwise). Should you require interior service at a later date, we
will provide it to you at no additional charge.

Once again, we are committed to safely providing the best pest control available, and we thank you
your trust during this trying time. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any

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Since 1989, Eco Systems has offered homes and businesses industry leading products and services for the elimination and control of pests. Here at Eco Systems, our certified and licensed technicians provide our customers with prompt courteous service using state-of-the-art practices and materials. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we stand behind every job we do.

-William Douglas, Owner



Find Best Pest Control Services in Leominster, Worcester, Springfield, MA, & Providence, RI

Eco Systems Pest Management is the leading pest control company serving Leominster, MA, Worcester, MA, Springfield, MA, Providence, RI, and the nearby areas. We have been providing homes and businesses in the loc al area with quality pest control services since 1989. Our industry leading products and services help to remove unwanted pests from your surroundings for good. Rest assured knowing that our pest control techniques have been proven effective at eliminating and reducing pests of all types.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

When you choose Eco Systems for your pest control needs, you will get the highest caliber of pest control services available. We offer both residential pest control and commercial pest control services for homes and businesses using state-of-the-art methods and products. If you need to rid your space of mosquitos, ticks, mice and/or roaches, our experienced pest control technicians can provide you with lasting solutions.

At Eco Systems, we offer several different pest control plans with options that are tailored to your unique situation. We take into account your specific pest control issue so that we can choose the right services to match your needs. When you need a knowledgeable exterminator with years of industry experience, you can depend on Eco Systems to provide you with the right solutions.

Trust our certified and licensed technicians to get the job done expertly and professionally. Give us a call to learn more about our pest control services at 1(800) 871-6477 today.



Pest of the month March
Subterranean Termites


Subterranean termites, the most common kind of termite found in the U.S., live in the soil. They can live just below the surface to as much as 12 feet down. Foraging territories may extend several hundred feet from the colony. Subterranean termites cause more damage each year than all combined natural disasters; fires, earthquakes and storms. They cause nearly one billion dollars a year in structural damage.

Swarmer termites are usually the first visual indication that there are termites present. Before the swarmers take flight, environmental conditions must be just right. Environmental conditions are most favorable on warm, sunny, humid days. Other contributing factors include moisture levels inside and outside the colony, light conditions, and the barometric pressure. These conditions often occur on days after rain showers.

After a short flight, the wings break off and males and females pair off to establish a new colony. A sure sign that termites have swarmed is a pile of hundreds of these broken-off wings within a small area.

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