Where Are The Bugs

Well, it’s spring time in New England and the flowers are blooming. Wait, no they’re not! what’s up with this winter? Is it ever going to go away?
The answer is: eventually it will and with going away come the bugs. The prediction for this year is all about moisture pests. With all the damage to wood structures and snow slowly melting there is going to be a lot of moisture problems, and with that, moisture pests.
Carpenter ants are going to lead the charge and they have a way of finding their way to moist areas where they create a nest. Some of those areas are roof lines, garage door frames, and even window sills after the amount of snow we received.
After the carpenter ants, we can expect a wave of earwigs, sow bugs, and millipedes. All and all, filing your basement floor with a potpourri of various types of hopefully dead insects. The good news in all this, is that the prediction for bees and wasps being a big problem is low. A lot of the ground nest would have been flooded out and the extended cold season would have killed the ones wintering in the trees.
If you are wondering what type of bug that is dead on the floor of your basement check out the Pest ID section of our website. You too canCarpenter Ant become a Junior entomologist. But for now if you see a bigger black ant like this one give our office a call.

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