There are more than 950 Pests in Massachusetts.

Below is a list of pests we see and provide service on a regular basis coming up here in the spring and summer time:

  1. Honey Bee – *DISCLAIMER* We save the honey bees and bring them to a honey bee keeper. These worker, drone, and queen bees are great for our environment. They pollinate fruits and vegetables for human consumption. All honey bees are responsible for honey production, which Americans live off of on a regular basis.
  2. American Bumble Bee – This industrious pollinator has a black and yellow appearance. They tend to hover around parks, outdoor restaurants, gardens, and forests because of the smells, colors, and food (nectar)!
  3. Carpenter Ant – These critters mass together in large colonies in order to perform duties such as wood working or gathering of food. Their bites are capable of destroying wood and can cause serious damage is a dwelling is left untreated of these small critters.
  4. Bald-faced Hornet – This kind of hornet can be aggressive if you come across one of their nests. Stay clear because they will sting repeatedly. One nest can harbor 1 to 4 hundred hornets at any given time. Removal of the nest is recommending to be done by a pro.
  5. Common Paper Wasp – These are known as one of the most common wasps in the United States. They do not just reside in Massachusetts – they are all over the states. As many of you may know, they sting if they feel threatened. Steer clear if you are allergic.
  6. Eastern Carpenter Bee – This kind of insect is known to burrow into wood homes, structures around homes, and in and around patios. They have extremely strong jaws and can cause damage if they are left unattended.
  7. Eastern Yellow Jacket – These critters chase after sweet beverages and sweet-smelling foods. They have been known to target cans of soda or bags of candy sitting out in the sun. They will sting if they feel threatened. It is advised to have a nest removed.

For an entire list of the 952 pests, please visit:

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