TERMITE SOLUTIONS: Protect Your Investment


What are Termites?

Termites are insects that live, reproduce, and thrive in large colonies. The diet of a termite is entirely wood and cellulose material. Meaning, for a homeowner, even a single termite colony can do thousands of dollars of a damage in a year.

  1. Wood beams and other wood structures in your home that sound hollow when tapped
  2. Swarms of flying ants, termites specifically have wings that break off.
  3. Mud tubes, roughly the thickness of a straw, that appear around your foundations and other structural areas.
  4. Cream-colored insects, roughly 1/8" in size. Often found under rocks, mulch, or boards.
  5. Wood that can be broken with a sharp tool and only modest effort


Have Termites? Not sure?

Are you concerned you have termites in your home? Give us a call! With our knowledgeable staff (including a licensed entymologist), ready to assist in over the phone or in-person identification, completely free of charge.

Next Steps

  • Identification

    A member of our Eco team identifies a termite problem in your home or business that necessitates a response

  • Design Individualized Treatment Plan

    Once we have ascertained termites are on your property, a full inspection is done of the property. Then, an individualized treatment plan is created. We consider the problem source, materials used to build your property, local environment, and nearby structures to design an individualized plan.

  • Quote

    Once an Individualized Treatment Plan is created, and the property is surveyed, our business will give you a quote for the service free of charge.

  • Treatment

    Once we have developed our individualized plan, we utilize cutting-edge Sentricon technology systems to eliminate your termite problems for good.

  • Eco Guarantee and Warranty

    Here at Eco, we stand by everything we do. We are so confident in our ability to solve your termite problems on day one that if your termite problem returns, we will retreat for free for a year after your initial treatment.

Special Offer

Concerned you may have termites?

Give us a call and we will come to your home, inspect, and quote for free!

What is Sentricon?

Sentricon is a first-in-class termite baiting system that delivers immediate and total results. The Sentricon system targets the source of the problem- the termite's queen. Without a queen, the termite colony collapses and is unable to sustain itself- completely eliminating your termite issue.


Why Bait is Better

When we say Sentricon is best in the business we mean it. The Sentricon baiting system is far and away a more effective of termite remediation than any other method we have tried

Over time, liquid breaks down, leading to possible re-infestation. With Sentricon's baiting system, that worry is in the past. Sentricon bait stays viable, and creates a continuous ring of protection around your property.


What Now?

Still unsure about whether you have termites? Just want to talk to our experts? Interested in scheduling a free quote? Give us a call!