The Birds and The Bees?

It’s really a natural thing!

mouseWhy are there so many babies born between September through January? We are part of the animal kingdom, and spring means it’s mating season. Who’s going to kick off the season? Just about everyone (I mean every … animal) … but the good old deer mouse is right up there at the front of the list. They are cute little critters – but they just don’t belong in your home! These are, at best, nuisances that leave little reminders of their existence where ever they roam; and at worse, disease carrying rodents.

size of hole for a mouse to gain entranceHow do you “mouse proof” your home? That’s very difficult to do! Did you know a mouse needs an opening no larger than a dime to gain entrance to your home? Once there – well we don’t need to explain the birds and the bees – and the mice here – our very friendly little creatures will … propagate. Each litter is usually between 3 – 5 in size, and those little guys will be able to have their own little family within two months. And to make matters worse, the typical deer mouse will travel no more than 500 feet from its’ birthplace to create their nest. The best approach to preventing and or eliminating these cute but sometimes dangerous pests is a comprehensive plan which prevents them from gaining entrance and traps them where they are most likely to nest. A trained and experienced exterminator is your best option when it comes to small rodent infestation.

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