Save the Honey Bees!

Eco Systems Loves Honey Bees and So Should You!

                     Not all stinging insects are equal. Beneficial species such as honey bees, plasterer bees and even parasitic wasps play an essential role in our ecosystem, and should be identified properly so as to avoid unnecessary harm (unless honeybees are nesting in your home, in which case we will recommend a safe extraction of the colony by a local beekeeper). Dangerous predators such as yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets, paper wasps and select others represent a distinct threat to humans and pets, and their removal is in our best interest (without harming our ecosystem). Our technicians are prepared to properly identify your problem, and provide the solution that best protects your family as well as our environment.

                     Eco Systems cares about the environment, especially the honey bees. Our inspection will tell us which flying insect we’re encountering. If for some reason they are nesting in or right around your home, that is when we will call in the local beekeeper to extract and keep them in safe place to grow and breed. Over the last ten years, the amount of actual honey bees in the United States has drastically declined. They make up most of the earth’s pollinators, so it is very important for us to preserve them. Carpenter bees are a different story.

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