Mosquitoes Terrorizing the Outdoor Dining Visitors

At last!


Restaurants and bars have begun their re-opening process. Throughout the state of Massachusetts, you can find plenty of open places to eat. Although as of right now you can only enjoy the luxury of outdoor dining due to the restrictions still imposed. Finally though, we are all able to start eating out and get back to normal life!

With this situation, comes some things to be mindful of. One being in particular - mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are swarming this year in the New England regions. Scientists are predicting unprecedented levels this year. As restaurants and outdoor gathering opportunities are coming about for us, they're also coming about for mosquitoes. They thrive in the warmth. They're attracted to smells. And they of course, love to bite humans.

As a business owner, it's your job to protect your visitors and make them feel safe. All it takes is one time for them to have a mosquito to land in their food, or for their two year old daughter to get bit and have an allergic reaction - for those customers to be gone forever. Let's prevent these situations from happening entirely. Here at Eco Systems, we're offering all restaurants and bars a free inspection of the area. If you're near water - call us. If you're outdoor patio is particularly hot - call us. If you're outdoor dining area is still going after it's dark out - call us. These are all scenarios where mosquitoes tend to nest and multiply.


We look forward to hearing from you and as always, thank you for choosing Eco Systems!

Marketing Team