It’s Time to Start Ant-Proofing Your Home

Eco Systems shares ant prevention tips for homeowners

2022 may be “the year of the dog,” but May could certainly be considered the month of springtime pests, especially ants. When the flowers bloom and temperatures rise, ants often march indoors in search of a consistent food and water supply, making pest-proofing the home a much-needed spring task.

“Ants have a sweet tooth, just like many of us, which leaves our kitchens particularly vulnerable to an infestation,” said William Douglas, Eco Systems CEO. “Not only are ants attracted to the crumbs and spills we leave behind, but they are also drawn to the moisture that sinks provide. One of the most effective ways to prevent an infestation in the heart of the home is to practice proper sanitation at all times.”

Homeowners should consider implementing these tips from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to keep ants at bay:

• Seal cracks and crevices around the home using a silicone-based caulk.
• Replace weather-stripping and repair loose mortar around basement foundation and windows.
• Ensure downspouts and gutters are functioning properly so that water flows away from the home’s foundation.
• Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed away from the home.
• Wipe down counter tops and sweep floors to remove crumbs and residue from spills.
• Store food in sealed containers and keep ripe fruit in the refrigerator.
• Routinely check under sinks for areas of moisture and repair any leaky pipes.
• Dispose of garbage on a regular basis.
• Keep pet bowls clean and wipe up any spilled food or water around them promptly.
• Store dry pet food in a sealed plastic container rather than the paper bags they often come in.

“Many people attempt to address an ant problem on their own, but eliminating ants can be a challenge without proper treatment given the potential size of a colony,” added William Douglas. “If ants are found in the home, we recommend contacting a licensed pest control professional for expert advice.”

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