Ensure a Pest Free Year

The end of the year is fast approaching. Many pest control companies, facility managers, and maintenance technicians are hard at work preparing for the coming winter months. This morning, it seems there is already that fall bitterness in the air. While there were resolutions at the beginning of this year for most to uphold and maintain buildings all over, 2020 has taken a different turn. Many families have opted out or cancelled their pest control due to having less expenditure for “those kinds of things.” Many businesses have shut down and have cancelled their pest control service due to uncertainty and non-necessity. What I can tell you being in the pest control field is that the commitment to pest control and the prevention of infestation is more important now than ever. Uncontrolled pests lead to poor sanitation which leads to corrupt water and sewage ways. It’s a vicious, deadly cycle. 

This goes along with the days when cholera was alive and well in the city of London. The microbe was found inside the water, only months after it first became a really serious problem. The insidious particle hid until it pretty much wiped out the city of London and most of its infrastructure. Much the same can happen with pest infestations – that slow and deadly growth.  Rats and mice – even ticks and mosquitoes – carry diseases that if left uncontrolled, the problem could eventually wipe out a whole town yet again. All it takes is two rats to make a colony. Infrastructure will suffer greatly as well. Carpenter ants, termites, even rodents too will gnaw away at the siding on buildings, doorways, windows, and more just to get in to safety, warmth, or where a bite to eat is.

Get your pest control service if you don’t already have it. If you do have it, don’t cancel it. Even in the wake of shutdowns, pandemics, and more – your communities, towns, cities, all count on the elimination and prevention of pests. Some simply cannot afford it. Some do not have their own maintenance team or janitorial staff. If you do, you know how important it is to protect those from disease, filth, and exponential growth of unwanted visitors. If you need help identifying a problem, please reach out.



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