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German Cockroach



What is the history of cockroaches?

Cockroaches are an extremely resilient insect. By examining fossils, it’s been determined that they have been around for over 300 million years. These days, there are more than 4,000 species crawling around. About 60 exist in the United States and around a dozen cause us to get out the insecticide.


What are some physical attributes of roaches?

The fact that cockroaches have been able to survive for as long as they have has made it extremely difficult in the past to control their population. Years and years of evolution have given them tough flat bodies and large legs for fast running and easy maneuvering. Other factors contributing to their enduring presence are the rapidity and frequency that they lay eggs and their possession of good climbing abilities.


What kind of conditions do cockroaches thrive in?

Where you find cockroaches is many and varied but all species have one thing in common–they like the heat. In the South and Southeast, you will find a good number of cockroaches that prefer the outdoors. Some of these include the American and Smoky brown cockroach. In the Southwest, the Oriental cockroach is an abundant outdoor roach; however, in the Northeast, the Oriental roach thrives indoors in basements, septic systems, drainage pipes, and other damp areas. Another example of a roach that changes its preference of habitat depending on the climate is the Australian roach. In warmer climates, it is an outdoor insect. However, in the North, you can find them primarily in greenhouses and plants located in shopping malls and office buildings.


Why you should be aware of the German cockroach.

Of all the different roach species, one takes precedence over all others–the German cockroach. Probably the most outstanding fact that separates the German cockroach from its relatives is the number of offspring that females can produce each year. While the American cockroach hatches approximately 800 baby roaches per year, the German cockroach hatches 10,000. Consider that if you see one roach in your house, by the same time the following year, you could have 10,000. If you see somewhere around ten or fifteen, you could have 100,000 within a year.
German cockroaches can be found just about anywhere. They live in schools, homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, airplanes and offices.


Where does the true danger of roaches lie?

We all know roaches aren’t cute but besides their repulsive exterior, why do they pose such a problem? As mentioned before, roaches frequent unsanitary places such as drain pipes and sewers. These places are breeding grounds for disease. Consequently, roaches can pick up pathogenic organisms and carry them on their legs, underneath their bellies, and inside their bodies. When roaches invade a home, they transfer these organisms as they feed, defecate, and vomit all over utensils, food, counters, and just about any other kitchen and bathroom surface. Roaches can invade a structure simply by hiding in a handbag or suitcase that’s carried into a building.


When will most cockroaches be seen?

Since cockroaches are nocturnal insects, they spend most of their time resting in dark harborages until the night comes. When they are disturbed, they will quickly run back to these harborages. As a result, the casual observer rarely sees the full scope of a roach problem. If you see a roach, it is important that to consider all the complications that come with them such as disease and quick infestation.


How do you get rid of roaches?

Luckily, there have been major advances in the pest control industry for the control of roaches. Our main weapon in the fight against roaches is a revolutionary bait gel that has replaced the old method of spraying and fumigating. Not only does the bait gel provide an odorless and environmentally agreeable alternative, it also is extremely effective. However menacing the threat of roaches may be, we now have a solution.
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