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Our Disinfectant and Sanitization Program

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Massachusetts will be fully re-open soon, and in this uncertain time it is not enough to rely on a conventional cleaning service. We’re different, and more effective. Giving you and your customers and clients, the peace of mind to get back to normal. Ideal commercial industries are nursing homes, schools, universities, daycares, office spaces, libraries, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, clinics, and more!Eco Systems utilizes Virex, the number one name in hard-surface cleaner used in hospitals to eliminate your worries and keep you and your customers safe.

Sanitization Services

Commercial-grade, Virucidal, and Broad-Spectrum Materials Don’t settle for materials you could buy down-the-street. At Eco Systems we use broad-spectrum chemicals that are safe on hard-surfaces, and relied upon by hospitals everywhere. To give you that peace of mind.

Real-Time Environment Testing

Using our EcoEnSure environmental-monitoring technology, Eco can give you visual confirmation of the status of your property in real-time. Our system utilizes ATP hygiene monitoring and rapid microorganism tests for before and after environmental monitoring.

Disinfecting Services

Eco Protext Electrostatic Sprayers Our EcoProtext electrostatic treatments provide 360-degree, touch less disinfection and sanitizing capabilities to control even the toughest microorganisms, and reaches up to 3X more surfaces.

Sanitization Service

State-of-the-art Fogging Units
Our commercial-class fogging units make sure no surface is safe for viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms, including COVID-19.

Commercial & Residential Disinfectant & Sanitization Services
Servicing MA, RI, NH,and CT
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