Massachusetts Consumer Information Bulletin

Consumer Information Bulletin for Indoor Applications – Massachusetts “Regulations Relative to the Commercial Application of Pesticides to Indoor Setting” (333 CMR 13.08) requires you to receive this notice prior to a pesticide application.

Q. Are indoor pesticide applications safe?
A. All pesticides must be treated with caution. Pesticides are intended to be specifically poisonous to a target pest.
(insects, weeds, mold, fungus, etc.) but if used improperly may also be harmful to other living things, including
humans and pets. Eco Systems uses low-toxicity, eco-friendly materials. However, we do advise when to be out of the sprayed area.

Some people such as children, elderly citizens, pregnant women and those with health problems may be
sensitive to low levels of chemicals and should avoid or minimize exposure to pesticides. Medical questions
should be referred to your physician or one of the contacts listed at the end of this sheet.

Q. How can I minimize my exposure to pesticides?
A. Some pesticide labels specify precautions, which, by law, must be taken before the pesticide can be
applied. Your pest management professional, (Eco Systems), should take steps to minimize or eliminate pesticide exposure.
It is important that you follow all recommendations that the pest management professional prescribes.
Additional precautionary measures that could be taken are:
*Know the location where the pesticide will be applied.
*Cover or refrigerate edible products.
*Remove pets, their food and water bowls, and toys away from the area that is to be treated.
*Plan applications times when premises won’t be occupied. If possible plan to stay away for a
few hours afterward (minimum of four hours is a good general rule).
*Move items away from the area being treated.
*Ventilate as much as possible during and following a pesticide application.
*Do not walk on or touch the treated area until it is dry.
*Ask the applicator where bait stations and rodenticides have been placed.

Q. Are there methods for controlling pests without having to use pesticides?
A. Integrated Pest Management techniques may be available for the pest problem that you have. Discuss your
options with your pest management professional or look on the Departments website for
further information regarding IPM. A reputable and experienced pest management professional will be able to
recommend IPM methods for your particular pest problem.

Q. If I live in an apartment, how do I know when a pesticide application will be made?
A. It is required that you receive notification between seven (7) days and forty-eighty (48) hours BEFORE any
routine commercial application of pesticides.

Q. What do I have a right to know regarding an application?
A. If you ask to be pre-notified about any future pesticide applications, the applicator or employer must
provide pre-notification to you.

Department of Agricultural Resources
251 Causeway Street, Suite 500, Boston, MA 02114
617-626-1700 fax 617-626-1850

If you have a contractual problem with a pest control company, please contact the Massachusetts Attorney General’s
Office of Consumer Affairs at (617)727-8400 or the Better Business Bureau at (617)426-9000 and (413)734-3114.
Massachusetts Pesticide Enforcement:
Massachusetts Pesticide Regulations:
EPA Pesticide Site:
Extoxnet – variety of information about pesticides:

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