Commercial Disinfecting Service VS. DIY Disinfecting

We have all been faced with a new normal:

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

So this brings me to my first question to all of you – are you doing your own disinfecting in-house, or are you out-sourcing the work to businesses such as Eco Systems? We have found that if you are doing the latter, you will save yourself time, overhead, and energy.

DIY Disinfecting

  • Have to hire more personnel or add more work and time to current workers.
  • Have to purchase all chemicals, products, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Time-consuming for everyone involved.

Professional Commercial Disinfecting Service

  • Cost-effective and Eco-friendly.
  • Saves time for the business owner. (Our service takes about a half hour to complete in a 3,500 sq. ft. building.)
  • First inspection and demo are free! Try it before you buy it type of thing!
  • CDC Recommended Chemicals
  • Certificate of Sanitization is Included to give your customers a piece of mind!

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