Bed Bug Treatment and Preparation


 In order for Eco Systems Pest Control to resolve your bedbug problems as quickly as possible, it is imperative that the following preparations be adhered to.  Not following these directions will result in very poor control, if any. Due to the nature of these treatments, articles such as furniture and/or mattresses might be moved or left standing up to allow access for the technician and promote drying at the conclusion of the treatment. The floor of the kitchen and bathroom are good areas to put stuff, but need to allow technician access to perimeter of all rooms. You should pile articles on top of each other instead of spreading out.


Before Treatment Steps

  1. Floors must be cleared of all objects to give access to all floor surfaces.
  2. All clothing and linen taken out for treatment should be washed and dried on hottest setting material will tolerate. The clean clothing and linen then should be placed in clean bags and tied or sealed shut.
  3. Items can be placed on the kitchen table, counters, or in the bath tub.
  4. Remove everything from bureaus, night stands, and shelving units in bedrooms. These items can be placed on the kitchen table, counters, or in the bath tub.
  5. Vacuum all rugs, carpets, and couches under seat cushions.
  6. Move all items and furniture away from baseboards in all rooms so technician has at least 6 inches from baseboards for equipment access.
  7. Take all children’s toys up off the floor. These items can be placed on the kitchen table, counters, or in the bath tub.
  8. Strip all bedding, wash and dry bedding on hottest setting material will tolerate.
  9. Remove all articles from luggage and leave accessible to technician.
  10. Remove all picture, posters, and any wall hangings from walls, especially in rooms where bedbugs are suspected.
  11. Make sure locked rooms are left open for treatment. Tenants must vacate property for 4 hours after treatment. Pets should leave with you, with the exception of fish bowls or aquariums, which may remain if properly covered, and aerator shut off.

After Treatment

  1. All articles that have been moved for treatment can be replaced after the material has dried (usually about two hours).
  2. Do not wash perimeter of floors for one month. However, sweeping and vacuuming of floor is permissible.
  3. Weather permitting, windows may be left opened during treatment to allow ventilation and promote drying.

Any questions about treatment, call the landlord, superintendent, or Eco Systems Pest Control, Inc.



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