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Since 1992, Eco Systems has offered homes and businesses in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island safe and effective products and services in the elimination and control of a large number of problem pests. Eco Systems certified and licensed technicians provide our customers with prompt courteous service using the latest state-of-the-art practices and materials. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we stand behind every job we do!

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All your information is just a click away. Online access to all your companies pest management information is in one spot. With just a few clicks you can see and print a report about what materials were used in your facility, view your service, payment, billing history and current statement. You will also be able to track trends such as pests found and deficiencies.

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Meal Moth

Eco Systems Pest Management

The Indian meal moth is found more than any other insect in stored food products in the United States. This insect got its name by being a pest of “Indian corn,” or maize. Like maize itself, the meal moth may have originated in South America. However, the meal moth is no longer exclusive to that continent and is a prevalent nuisance in the US.

The meal moth usually measures 3/8” long and has a wingspan of about 5/8.” They are easy to identify because of the rusty-red color covering the outer 2/3 of their body and gray coloring on the the inner 1/3 portion of their body.

Full Service Pest Control Company
Eco Systems Prides itself on the use of use of low toxicity material, and intelligent application to provide outstanding pest management to residential and commercial properties. Whether it is a mouse problem in a home or a complex maintenance program in a food processing plant we are ready to provide outstanding service. We provide one time or a program for the following pests.

Carpenter Ants
Bees and Wasps
Carpenter Bees
Stink Bugs

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