Common Pests and Wildlife in Boston – A Post by AllPest, a Division of Eco Systems

While pests do not observe a state border there are four hundred and ninety-eight pests that are common in the Boston area. ALLPEST pest control Boston knows that pests are drawn by things such as;
1. Food availability
2. Water sources
3. Mating patterns
4. Temperatures
Our Boston pest management pros know what each of the different pests is and are able to get rid of them. They take into consideration what is keeping the pest around and then uses the various techniques to get rid of them.
Some of the most common pests in Boston are;
1. Ambush Bug
2. American Bumble Bee
3. American Cockroach
4. Mosquitos
5. Ticks
6. Yellow Jackets
Ambush Bugs are members of the Assassin Bug Family. Just like the family name states Ambush bugs can wait patiently for hours to ambush and assassinate other bugs. The problem with these bugs is that they also kill insects that are needed for plants to grow so having regular outdoor pest control during the spring and summer is essential.
The American Bumble Bee and Yellow Jackets are similar in that they both have stingers. Yet the Yellow Jacket is a lot more aggressive than the Bumble Bee who only attacks when provoked. Wasps and bumble bees can nest practically anywhere and can quickly become a huge problem in homes and cars if they’re not removed by professionals.
The American Cockroach another common pest in the Boston area, can cause huge health issues for commercial kitchens and homes. The American Cockroach is not native to Boston, originating in Africa, Cockroaches came to North America via the ships that traded goods from Africa to North America. Cockroaches adapted from the hotter climate to be able to survive in cooler weather. They can be hard to eliminate but our skilled Boston exterminators can help!
There’s over twenty different species of mosquitos in Massachusetts alone. They like to breed near standing water so that is where they also tend to live. Mosquitos carry diseases such as the West Nile and can be dangerous to humans. So it is important to set up a regular mosquito control visit to ensure that you can have a worry-free summer.
Ticks are like mosquitos in that they carry harmful viruses. They hide out in tall grass and heavily wooded areas. To prevent these ticks from living in your area you need to keep your yard mowed and treated.
Our Boston pest control cannot only help you with getting rid of unwanted pests they can also help with capturing rid of wildlife.
Some of the wildlife native to the Boston area include:
1. Skunks
2. Opossums
3. Coyotes
4. Bats
5. Squirrels
Some of the wildlife will leave if just left alone. Yet there can be times when it will be necessary to call in an exterminator to take care of these unwanted animals. Our Boston wildlife trappers can remove of these animals while treating them with care.
Skunks will live under a porch and it is necessary to be careful if they move under your porch. They could have babies and if it they’re moved without them the babies can die. While dying they will emit an order that can be hard to remove. It is important that you use a specialist to take care of these for you.
Even when taking precautions to keeping bats out of your attic this can still happen. Squirrels can also come in through the fireplace and take up existence in the attic. It may be tricky to get rid of them so you may want to leave it up to the professionals.
If you see an Opossum on a fence looking like it is dead just leave it alone. Most of the time they are simply sleeping and will leave when it feels that it is safe to go.
If you see a Coyote it is important to call wildlife management so that they can capture the animal and move it to an area where there is no danger to humans.
Professional vs. DIY Removal
You may want to try to remove insects and wildlife yourself but doing so can make the problem worse so reach out to our professionals.

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