Tick Control Programs

Tick Control Programs

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Eco Systems has been performing pest control for over 25 years. We are experts in the control of Ticks and Mosquitoes. We are a privately owned company that cares about each customer.
With concerns about Lyme disease and the growing numbers of reported cases in Eastern United States we at Eco Systems have developed a no nonsense approach to control these pests.

Tick Programs!
Eco Systems tick programs are designed to eliminate tick problems on a property. The treatments will provide you with a piece of mind that you, your children, and your guest can enjoy your yard without worrying about ticks and their diseases. Unlike Mosquitoes, Ticks are a little easier to control and do not need as many treatments. A tick treatment every 6 to 8 weeks will provide great control.

Semi-annual – 2 Time Service will help with knockdown of Ticks on a property but will not control a problem over the whole season.ReportedCasesofLymeDisease_2013

Silver Service – 4 Time Service Good Knockdown of Ticks and Mosquitoes, normally scheduled in April, June, August and September.

Gold Service – 6 Time Service Great Knockdown of Ticks and Mosquitoes, normally scheduled late April and done monthly with the last treatment in late September. This service will ensure you a tick free property.

Platinum Service – 8 Time Service Excellent knockdown of Ticks and Mosquitoes, normally starts in March with a thorough treatment of both pests concentrating on ticks with the first application. This treatment is a little overkill for Ticks. This amount of applications will definitely control ticks but is designed for Mosquitoes.