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Eco Systems Pest Management is Leading the Industry In The Control of Bed Bugs!
The familiar saying “Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite” reflects upon an era years ago in which bedbugs were not the reality, merely a fairy tale. Today’s unfortunate reality is one in which your business can suffer loss of reputation, incur tremendous costs, and possibly even lawsuits- all because of an insect thought to have been eradicated decades ago. Eco Systems Pest Management has the solution to your modern day nightmare. We have been at the forefront of the battle with bedbugs from the beginning, as pioneers of thermal remediation (heat treatment) in the northeast, as well as experts in conventional treatment, with a wealth oBed Bugf experience in all elements of bedbug eradication. From bedbug elimination and prevention, to long term pro-active programs, as well as on-site staff and client training and education, we are the answer to all of your bedbug problems.

Offering multiple solutions to control your bed bug problems.
We offer a variety of means by which to control bed bugs in residential and commercial settings. Our services are customized to the client’s needs and situation, and capable of tackling even the most difficult problems. Weather it is through conventional chemical means, thermal remediation or our educational programs, Eco Systems has an appropriate solution for your individual circumstances, guaranteed. Our service technicians are knowledgeable and thoroughly experienced in the science of bedbug elimination, and our staff and in house entomologist provide quality control that is second to none.

Identifying A Bed Bug Problem:
Identification of the problem is essential, and a qualified inspector is of the utmost importance. The experience and knowledge of our field technicians enables them to properly inspect, identify and quantify the problem, or lack thereof. With so much information and misinformation circulating via the internet, social media and general gossip, you can trust that our team will properly assess your situation, and recommend an appropriate solution for your particular problem.

Why Eco Systems Pest ?
Eco Systems has become a leader in bedbug control through years of experience in virtually any setting imaginable: homes, apartments, condos, office buildings, medical facilities, homeless shelters, mattress delivery trucks, handicapped vans, group homes, warehouses, storage units and trailers- pretty much any type of situation possible. We have forged many long standing relationships with property managers, housing authorities, social service providers and similar entities based on our quality of service, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our attention to detail will ensure a comprehensive and thorough approach to your problem, guaranteed.

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